All private health fund accepted.

Private Health Fund rebates apply to fees depending on individual policies and can be claimed at the time of treatment.

  • Regional Health Group (ARHG)
  • BUPA Australia Health
  • MBF
  • HBF
  • NIB
  • Railway & Transport Health Fund
  • Australian Unity
  • Grand United Health
  • Manchester Unity
  • SGIO
  • Healthcare Insurance Limited
  • AHM
  • GMF Health
  • HCF
  • Police Health
  • Credicare
  • Defence Health
  • HIF Navy Health Fund
  • MediBank Private
  • CBHS
  • Reserve Bank Health Scoiety
  • Teachers Federation Health
  • West Fund
  • ANZ Health Insurance
  • AXA
  • HBA
  • Health Cover

This visit will last 40 minutes.

During your first appointment your physiotherapist will start your assessment by asking you some questions regarding your condition. The physio will then assess a series of movements and perform tests to ascertain what the condition is. Your posture will also be assessed. You will be given an explanation of the factors that have contributed to you developing the condition and activities to be cautious with to avoid exacerbating the pain or preventing recovery. Treatment is likely to consist of a combination of techniques which may include mobilization, massage, dry needling, taping and exercises. You may have an exercise program prescribed for you to continue at home. We discuss ergonomics which is the way you fit into your environment e.g. adjusting your office-chair. Your physio will help you establish your short term & long term goals in your recovery. You will also be given an idea of time-frame for return to sport or return to work.

We advise you to wear comfortable, loose clothing during your first appointment and bring any medical records, scans or imaging related to your current health issue. Ideally try to arrive early as there is some necessary paperwork to be completed.

Follow Up Physiotherapy Appointment (Standard)

This visit will last 25 minutes.

That is your follow up appointment. Your physiotherapist will check the progress and continue treatment. After the session the therapist will recommend how long it should be before you are seen again, and this will depend on your individual circumstances.

Extended Physiotherapy Appointment

This visit will last 35 minutes.

This type of appointment is suitable to all clients who have already had their physical assessment with physiotherapist (initial appointment) and would like to book extended follow up session.

60min / $107
90min / $150

If that is your first visit in our clinic you will be asked to fill in an Initial Form so please try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time. Your Remedial Massage Therapist will discuss goals for the session, your expectations and treatment techniques. After your massage, the therapist will give you a brief summary of tight muscles in your body that may need an additional attention and will suggest how long it should be before next appointment.


This visit will last 60 minutes.

You can start after 12 week of pregnancy, including up to and past your due date in healthy pregnancies. Feel free to book your appointment with our high-experienced massage therapist.Also,  we are able to provide a Pregnancy Massage Voucher for your relative and/or friend. Please contact us.

Physio Massage (with Physiotherapist)

This visit will last 25 minutes.

We offer this unique massage service that is performed by a physiotherapist to all clients who are not experiencing any pain but would like to decrease muscle tension, increase range of motion, improve bodywork, sports performance or just experience something different than just a remedial type of massage. Those sessions are fully customized. Treatment techniques include wide variate of massage techniques and soft tissue mobilizations. This is a perfect option to for those clients who do not have a massage cover under their private health insurance. This type of session can be claimed with your health provider under physiotherapy cover. It is purely designated to reduce tension and improve function.

Services are claimable with all private health funds. A HICAPS facility enables rebates to be claimed on the spot.

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