Do I need a referral to make a Physiotherapy Appointment?
No, You don't. A Physiotherapist is a Primary contact practitioner and therefore you do not need a referral to see one as a private patient. However if you are a Workers Compensation, CTP or DVA patient you will need a referral.
How do I claim my Private Health insurance rebate for Physiotherapy?
Pro Physio has a Hicaps terminal allowing you to make a claim on your Private Health Insurance at the time of your appointment. How much your insurance pays will depend on your Provider and level of cover. Make sure you bring your card with you to the appointment for us to be able to claim on the spot. Don’t worry if you don’t have your card - you will be able to submit a claim online or at your Providers branch later.
Does your practice accept Workers Compensation or Third Party patients?
Yes we accept Workers Compensation, Third Party and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients. Make sure you bring a referral from your doctor and claim number (approved by your insurer).
Does Medicare cover Physiotherapy?
You will only receive a rebate through Medicare if you have an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) from your GP. This is to assist people with chronic conditions. Through this plan you can claim up to 5 Physiotherapy sessions a year through Medicare. The Medicare rebate is $55.10 and you will need to pay a gap payment ($34.90).
What should I wear for my physio appointment?
Wear comfortable clothing that will allow the Physiotherapist to see the area of injury and allow you to move comfortably.
What else should I bring to my appointment?
If you have had any imaging then bring your scans and reports. If there is anything else you think is relevant – such as training programs, feel free to bring it along otherwise your Physio will be able to tell you at the appointment if they will require anything else from you.
Can a physio refer me for an X- ray or other imaging if required?
A physio can refer you for an X-ray that in most cases will be bulk-billed through Medicare. They can also refer you for an MRI or Ultrasound however you will not receive any rebate for these if referred by a Physiotherapist. In most cases if this imaging is required your Physio will refer you to your GP to guide further investigations.
Late Cancellations / No-shows Policy
Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. Where possible, we will try to reschedule you to the next earliest convenient appointment, so as to avoid delays in your treatment and recovery. If less than 24 hours notice is given for a cancellation, a cancellation fee of $50.00 will be charged.  If you are running late, we will still attempt to accommodate you, however, if there is a patient booked immediately after you, your appointment may understandably be cut short. People who repeatedly miss or reschedule appointments will regretfully be discharged from care as we realise you will not reach your health goals.

Services are claimable with all private health funds. A HICAPS facility enables rebates to be claimed on the spot.

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